Athena Varosio is an Italian composer, music producer and pianist, currently based in London. 


Her music ranges from intimate minimalism to broad spectrum of resounding landscapes, combining acoustic instruments and analogue synthesizers. Her work can be heard in award winning films, animations, documentaries, and commercials.


After beginning her musical journey at a very young age as a classical pianist, she continued her studies in Sound Technology at Conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi” in Milan and Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute. She graduated from NFTS in 2021 with an MA in Composing for Film and Television.


Trough her eclectic sounds and versatile atmospheres, Athena aspires to create a profound connection and a long lasting bond between the story and the viewer’s emotions.


Athena’s solo work is a mixture of orchestral and electronic landscape. Her latest solo albums are the cinematic singles “Postcard” and “Disconnect”, released by Konsep Records.